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Aromaforce Reusable Amber Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper 30mL

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Amber glass bottle with glass dropper. This high quality glass bottle holds up to 30 ml of liquid and is ideal for storing essential oils. leak-proof and reusable.
  • Protect light-sensitive liquids - like essential oils - in this stylish, conveniently sized bottle. The dark amber glass provides UV protection that shields the oil from light and prevents it from oxidizing.
  • Each bottle includes an easy-to-use glass pipette. This pipette, or dropper, has a black rubber tip that allows you to precisely control the number of drops you want. Because the dropper is made of glass, it does not interact with the oils.
  • Prepare your own essential oil blends and store them in these durable, easy-to-store, reusable bottles.
  • 100% leak-proof