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15 Questions & Answers about Herbal Colouration

1. i'm less than 50% grey. Can I cover the grey without changing my own natural colour?

Yes. Herbatint's low-peroxide (3%), ammonia-free colours are the perfect solution. They gently cover grey and restore the colour tones your hair has lost. Herbatint brightens your natural colour, can lighten it by one shade, adds rich, lustrous shine, and lasts up to four weeks (or until regrowth appears) before needing a retouch.

2. My hair is around 80% grey and I want to lighten what's left of my natural colour, while covering the grey in one step. What should I use?

When hair is more than 30% grey, it needs permanent hair colour. Permanent colour can alter your natural colour, making it one shade lighter or darker.

3. How do Herbatint haircolour products compare with products made with henna?

Herbatint's haircolour products do not contain henna. Henna creates a solid coating around the hair shaft, which makes other haircolour treatments impossible, as haircolour won't adhere to the henna coating. Also, because henna weakens hair and makes it heavy and less elastic, using it can lead to problems with permanents and other hair treatments. Moreover, henna-based haircolour product lines come in a very limited range of colours. Henna doesn't create natural-looking results because it's difficult to control during manufacturing. Colouring hair with henna also takes a long time, requiring two hours on average for mixing, application and processing.

4. is there any way to make my colour last longer?

While you can't stop your hair from growing—in that sense, there isn't much you can do—there are many things you can do to extend the life and vitality of your Herbatint colour. You can keep it from fading or losing its fresh, natural shine by using Herbatint shampoos, specially formulated for colour-treated hair. Used in combination with Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner, they help keep your colour truer longer.

5. if I colour my hair, do I have to stay out of the sun?

Because the sun's ultraviolet rays cause colour-treated hair to fade and turn brassy, it's a good idea to wear a scarf or hat if you plan to be in the sun for any length of time. If you're planning a day at the beach or by the pool, apply some Royal Cream to your hands and run them through dry hair. This will coat the cuticle of the hair and protect it while you have fun in the sun. Always shampoo after exposure to sea water or chlorinated water.

6. What does chlorine do to colour-treated hair?

Chlorine reacts with hair colour in different ways. For example, blonde hair can take on a greenish tinge,
brown hair can come up red, and in-between shades can turn brassy. Prolonged and frequent exposure to chlorine, saltwater and sun can leave colour-treated hair extremely dry and straw-like. But there are a few things you can do to mitigate these effects:

  • Run a small amount of Royal Cream through dry hair before going swimming. This will seal the cuticle and protect hair from chemical damage.
  • Always shampoo after swimming in a chlorinated pool.
  • Use Herbatint's R series in your haircolour formula to give a more natural look to hair regularly exposed to chlorine.

7. Are there any special tips for caring for colour-treated hair?

Herbatint haircolour products are very gentle, so your colour-treated hair won't require painstaking pampering. However, if you use Herbatint's Normalizing Shampoo followed by Royal Cream regenerating condition to help your hair maintain its moisture, your colour will stay truer longer.

8. Is grey hair more resistant to colour?

Yes. Grey hair is slow to absorb colour. That's one reason our Herbatint haircolour directions tell you to begin by applying colour to the roots and all the really grey areas for 20 minutes, then applying it to the lengths and ends only for the last 10 minutes. That way, you extend the processing time on the new grey hair and give the colour more time to absorb.

9. My salon colourist mixes shades to get the results I like. Can I do the same?

Absolutely! Herbatint haircolour products come in a wide range of shades, so while you're likely to find the one you want, but you can also combine colours to get the specific result you're looking for. To cover grey, you'll definitely need to mix two shades, one being the N (natural tone).

10. i've already coloured my hair. Can I still get a perm?

Yes, but we suggest waiting 15–20 days after colouring your hair, since the perm may cause further damage to coloured hair. To keep your hair looking healthy, we suggest using Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner, which is designed to strengthen damaged, colour-treated hair.

11. My colourist says I have a lot of red in my hair and she uses something special to correct it. Can I do the same thing at home?

Yes, simply choose a colour with ash tones (Herbatint's C series), which will help eliminate brassy tones.

12. Why does Herbatint suggest using a bowl and a brush?

Brushing colour onto your hair helps spread the colour evenly and fosters penetration.

13. Do l need to use plastic gloves when I colour my hair?

While wearing gloves is recommended, you can also apply Royal Cream to your hands before colouring your hair to keep them from getting stained. Then simply wash your hands immediately after application.

14. How can I prevent the colour from staining my forehead, neck, ears and hands?

We recommend applying Royal Cream around the hair line, as well as generously rubbing it into your hands before applying the colour. Washing your face and hands immediately afterwards will wash away any colour you might have on your skin.

15. Will my scalp become sensitive from using Herbatint haircolour products?

Herbatint products contain no ammonia and only 3% peroxide, compared to the 6–20% found in most brands. Most people find these hair colours safe and non-irritating. However, to be sure, follow the instructions for testing the colour on a patch of skin.

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