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The natural way to colour your hair at home

Find your natural colour

Go for glamour, try something exotic or simply highlight your natural colour with Herbatint herbal haircolour products. Made with plant bases and containing no ammonia and only minimal peroxide, Herbatint haircolour gives you all the benefits of permanent salon colour, but without all the harsh chemicals. Choose your colour from among 30 vibrant shades.

Best practices for applying colour

  • Choose a well-lit area and dress comfortably, avoiding tight clothing and turtlenecks. Protect your clothes from drips and spatters.
  • Remove your makeup and brush your hair well, but be gentle on your skin and scalp to minimize irritation. If your hair is free of tangles, the process will be easier and the colour will be distributed more evenly.
  • Avoiding the skin touching your hairline, apply a few drops of Royal Cream regenerating conditioner (included in the package) on the outline of your face so that you'll be able to remove spatters more easily.
  • To avoid colouring your hands in the process, wear the gloves included in the package. Follow the instructions on the package insert.

Tip: Colouring hair requires special tools to facilitate application, so Herbatint includes them!

The Herbatint Application Kit comes in a convenient box that includes:

  • a measuring cup for dosing colour and developer
  • a practical brush for applying the colour accurately
  • a protective cape to keep your clothes from getting stained

All you need to provide is a bowl—just make sure it's made of glass, plastic or ceramic, not metal.

Would you like to lighten your colour?

Remember that your natural highlights can affect the outcome. If your hair's base colour is anywhere between brown and dark blonde and you decide to lighten it, you might end up revealing red, orange or gold highlights present in the natural pigmentation of your hair.

If you want to eliminate natural copper highlights, you may need to use the Ash tone (C) in combination with the Natural tone (N).

Tip: If your starting tone is, say, 5 Natural (5N) and you'd like to lighten it to a 6 Natural (6N), here's how to proceed with Herbatint:

  • With less than 30% grey hair: 20 ml 6N + 40 ml 7C
  • With 50% grey hair: 30 ml 6N + 30 ml 7C
  • With more than 50% grey hair: 40 ml 6N + 20 ml 7C

If, on the other hand, you'd prefer a colour that emphasizes warm tones tending toward copper or gold, blend the Natural (N) shade you've chosen with the Golden (D) or Copper (R) shades.

Lightening treatments for your hair

Streaks, sweeping and light strokes, as well as flamboyage, shatush and babylights—different techniques, same objective—all brighten hair by illuminating it with highlights.

You can choose a romantic tone-on-tone effect or a flashy look aimed at achieving brighter tones, always with an eye to best expressing your individuality.

If you like playing with bright strands that create intense highlights, you can do it with Herbatint—its gentle formula is perfectly compatible with these treatments. Just ask your hairdresser to create the light effects you're after.

Tip: Here's what to do about light treatments

Case 1 – I'd like to get them

Apply Herbatint comfortably at home, then go to your usual hairdresser and choose the light treatment you prefer.

Case 2 – I'd like to keep them

Apply Herbatint only on the roots, let it develop, and rinse. This way you'll cover the regrowth perfectly without changing the colour of the lengths.

Case 3 – I'd like to cover them

Apply Herbatint on the roots and lengths, let it develop, and then rinse. The result will be evenly coloured hair throughout.

Colour often... just not too often

Hair is delicate along its entire length and should be coloured only once a month or so. Herbatint permanent colour gel ensures maximum coverage of grey hair and optimum longterm results. For vibrant, longlasting colour, use a combination of products from the Herbatint Haircare line.

Tip: If you stick to your usual Herbatint colour, it's enough to colour only the re-growth rather than all of your hair. In fact, once opened, bottles can be closed and used again later.

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