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7 tips for beautiful coloured hair

1. One treatment at a time

Hair is delicate, so avoid colouring your hair and undergoing other chemical treatments—things like waves or straightening—in one go.
Special note: Allow at least two weeks between treatments.

2. Lukewarm is better

Hot water dries your hair and scalp, leaving hair dull and damaging the cuticle, the outer layer each hair. Lukewarm water, however, not only helps maintain your colour, but also restores a healthy look and shine to the hair.
Special note: If you go swimming in a chlorinated pool, dampen your hair and apply some Herbatint Royal Cream before donning your bathing cap to better protect your hair.

3. Use the right shampoo, but not too often

Hair colour lasts longer if you don't wash your hair too often—no more than three times a week, every other day. And the shampoo you use makes a big difference: it's better to use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair because they won't affect the colour and make it dull. Use products that nourish the hair structure and seal the cuticles, making it look natural and radiant again, while protecting it from environmental factors.
Special note: The Herbatint Haircare line—Normalizing Shampoo, Camomile Shampoo and Royal Cream—was specially developed to protect your colour, leaving your hair soft, smooth, radiant and easy-to-manage.

4. Shampoo and conditioner: the perfect pair for beautiful hair

Wet your hair with lukewarm, not hot, water to avoid stressing it. Dilute a small quantity of shampoo in your hands and massage it into the scalp using your fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to seal the cuticles, which will leave your hair shinier. Next, apply conditioner only on the lengths and tips of your hair. Use the Herbatint Haircare line for vibrant, longlasting colour and healthy-looking hair.
Special note: Apply conditioner on the tips and detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Always combing toward the tips, start by detangling just the tips, followed by the lengths and lastly the roots.

5. Dry hair? Conditioner is your best ally

Hair, especially coloured hair, needs more moisture, which is why you need to treat it with nutrient-rich products. You should always use conditioner, especially on the lengths, which are the first to get dehydrated or damaged. Herbatint's Royal Creamregenerating conditioner restores shine and softness to your hair without weighing it down.
Special note: Apply it to damp hair and leave on for 10 minutes after every shampoo—you'll see the difference immediately. Once a month, use it as an intensive hair mask, leaving it on for longer while your hair is covered with a plastic cap or a towel. For a perfect finish after styling, warm a few drops of it in your hands and apply it only to the tips.

6. Dry carefully

To dry your hair quickly without damaging it, start by patting it with a towel, but don't rub. Once you've eliminated the excess water, it's time for the blow dryer. Remember to hold it at least 15 cm from the scalp, making sure to keep moving the nozzle—right and left, up and down. Never keep it pointed at one spot or bring it too close to your head, otherwise you risk damaging the hair and your scalp.
Special note: For best results when styling with a blow dryer, always direct the hot air from root to tip.

7. Styling

Styling has its secrets too. Detangle your hair, then divide it into thin and even sections before drying it with your blow dryer. If you use a hair iron, make sure to dry your hair completely before you do. Also, choose ceramic or tourmaline models, which distribute heat evenly and are less damaging to your hair.

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