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Glamourous Cinnamon Brown Hair

If your usual color is more like a brown one, you can easily achieve it by adding some warmer highlights. This nuance is also the perfect choice for those who have fragile and thin hair because the highlights will instantly make the hair more voluminous and full of life!

To realize the cinnamon brown look, add a Copper shade (R) to your Natural tone (N):

For example, if you usually use a 5N (light chestnut), continue to use this shade and combine it with 7R (Copper blonde) to get the cinnamon effect.
Start with the roots

  • Combine 40 ml of 5N shade with 20 ml of 7R (40 ml + 20 ml=60 ml of colour) with 60 ml of developer. The colour to developer ratio must always be 1:1.
  • Apply the mixture on your roots.
  • Let it process for 20 minutes.

For the rest of your hair

  • Mix the remaining 20 ml of the 5N shade with 40 ml of the 7R (20 ml + 40 ml=60 ml of color) with 60 ml of developer.
  • Apply the mixture throughout the length of your hair.
  • Let it process for 20 minutes.

Total processing time (roots + lengths): 40 minutes

At the end of processing time, wash your hair and style as usual.
Your hair is soft and healthy, the colour is made for you!

Watch the Video Tutorial: How to pick your colour and apply it, by Herbatint

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